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We’re always seeking new contributors to share expert health and fitness knowledge with our community. Whether you’re an expert in nutrition, exercise, wellness, or mental health – we want to hear from you. By contributing high-quality articles and blog posts, you’ll help empower our readers to make positive changes in their daily lives.

Opportunities for Writers:

  • Byline credit and exposure to our large readership
  • Chance to enhance your expertise and reputation
  • Support our mission of empowering healthy living
  • Enhance your credibility and expertise in the health/fitness field.
  • Increase your online visibility and search engine rankings over time.
  • Develop new networking opportunities by interacting with our readers.
  • Access editorial and promotion support to share your pieces widely.

Writer Requirements:

  • Author pays a small processing fee per article which is discussed at submission
  • Articles must be at least 500-1000 words on relevant topics
  • Writers maintain full copyright of their work
  • Accepted articles will be published within 4 weeks. Additional opportunities for paid partnerships may also be available.

To write for us you can email us at info@nowhealth.online or use the contact form below.

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    A Word on AI-Generated Content

    At Nowhealth.online, our goal is to provide readers with high-quality health and wellness articles written by real human experts. While AI tools have their place, we want content that educates and inspires through unique voices and experiences.

    As such, we reserve the right to reject submissions that appear to be primarily generated by AI with little original writing from the contributor. Our readers come here to directly engage with knowledgeable professionals.

    If we determine an article relies heavily on AI generation during the review process, we will deduct a percentage of the submission fee equal to the estimated AI content percentage. For example, an article that is 95% AI-generated would only receive 5% of the usual submission fee.

    We welcome some targeted use of AI for supplemental research or minimal editing assistance. However, the main body of the article and unique perspective presented should come from the human contributor. Our goal remains high-quality health information from real credentialed writers.


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