foods to avoid on keto

50 Foods To Avoid On Keto

Foods To Avoid On Keto

The main goal of the keto diet is to reach ketosis – when your body switches from burning carbs to burning fat and ketones for fuel. Talk about a metabolic shift!

To get into ketosis and stay there, you’ve got to dodge foods too high in carbs. Here’s why:

Carb molecules are super easy for your body to break down into quick energy. So if you eat a lot of carbs – especially all at once – your body will default to using that for fuel instead of turning to fat. Keto is all about tapping into fat. Below are foods to avoid on the keto diet.

Bread (white, wheat, etc.)High in carbs
Pasta (regular and whole wheat)High in carbs
Rice (white and brown)High in carbs
Potatoes (including sweet potatoes)High in carbs
Corn and corn productsHigh in carbs
Beans (kidney, black, pinto, etc.)High in carbs
LentilsHigh in carbs
QuinoaHigh in carbs
Oats (rolled and instant)High in carbs
BarleyHigh in carbs
BananasHigh in carbs and sugar
ApplesHigh in carbs and sugar
OrangesHigh in carbs and sugar
GrapesHigh in carbs and sugar
MangoesHigh in carbs and sugar
PineapplesHigh in carbs and sugar
WatermelonHigh in carbs and sugar
Processed snacks (chips, crackers)High in carbs and often unhealthy fats
Cookies, cakes, and pastriesHigh in carbs and sugar
Sugary cerealsHigh in carbs and sugar
Sugary drinks (sodas, fruit juices)High in carbs and sugar
Ice creamHigh in carbs and sugar
CandyHigh in carbs and sugar
HoneyHigh in carbs and sugar
Maple syrupHigh in carbs and sugar
Avoid most fruitsDue to their high sugar content
Alcohol Can interfere with ketosis
Most fruit juicesHigh in sugar
High-sugar condiments (ketchup, BBQ sauce)High in sugar
Baked goods with refined flourHigh in carbs
Flavored yogurtOften high in sugar
Regular milkContains lactose (a type of sugar)
Sweetened yogurtsHigh in sugar
Low-fat and fat-free productsOften contain added sugars
High-sugar salad dressingsHigh in sugar
High-sugar sauces (teriyaki, sweet and sour)High in sugar
Canned fruits in syrupHigh in sugar
Processed meats with added sugarsCheck labels for hidden sugars
Starchy vegetables (like peas and corn)Higher in carbs
Trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils)Unhealthy fats
MargarineOften contains trans fats
Vegetable oils high in omega-6 fatty acidsCan be inflammatory in excess
Sweetened nut buttersHigh in sugar
Flavored syrups High in sugar
GranolaHigh in carbs and often sugar
Low-fat or diet productsOften contain added sugars
High-sugar energy barsHigh in sugar



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