10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

Hey there, I’m excited to share some of my favorite snacks for weight loss. Now I know that might sound too good to be true, but I promise these snacks are delicious and backed by science.

You see, certain foods can do more than just curb your hunger between meals. When chosen right, the things you grab to tide you over can actually boost your metabolism for hours after eating.

When I first learned about this idea of “metabolism-enhancing” foods, I’ll admit I was skeptical. It seemed almost too easy to lose weight by just changing up what I munched on. But being the type who likes to test things out, I decided to give it a try.

After a few weeks of incorporating these metabolism-boosting picks, I was amazed. Not only did the pounds start coming off, but I had way more energy all day long too. And the best part? The snacks were very satisfying.

In this article, I’m going to share the best snacks to help you lose weight. They’re also super simple to whip up so you have no excuse not to make them. Let’s get into these metabolism-maximizing munchies!

Hydrating Snacks Boost Metabolism (And What Makes Them The Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight)

When it comes to snacking for metabolism boosts, staying hydrated may be one of the simplest ways to give your metabolism an extra kick.

Our bodies are engineered to expend more energy breaking down water-rich whole foods compared to dry or highly processed options.

That’s because it requires more calories for our systems to properly digest the water content. Over time, this added calorie expenditure through hydration can translate to gradual weight loss.

That’s why focusing on snacks with high-water content, such as fruits, and veggies makes sense. Not only will these curb cravings longer, but research indicates they may help boost metabolism too.

If the goal is to slim down without effort, aim for water-filled foods that give your digestive system some extra work.

Sweet Potatoes

10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

For metabolism-maximizing snacks that help you lose weight, one of my top picks has to be the sweet potato. You guys, these orange gems are packed with so many benefits it’s hard to know where to start.

Did you know sweet potatoes are full of fiber and resistant starches? These components mean some of the calories you eat actually get excreted undigested.

Sweet potatoes are also a  powerhouse source of beta-carotene as well. Our bodies convert that carotene into vitamin A, which supports lung and heart health as well as vision and skin.

And if you needed another reason to adore them, just look at cultures renowned for longevity like Okinawans in Japan. These communities have eaten sweet potatoes almost daily for generations.


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

I’m seriously obsessed with these portable powerhouses. Not only are they delicious straight from the peel, but bananas may be the most budget-friendly snack out there.

Bananas also require zero prep. No chopping, washing, or cooking. Just peel and you’re good to go.

And here’s a pro tip – if weight loss is your goal, aim for bananas that are still a bit on the green side. The less golden the banana, the higher its resistance starch content.

And as we know, resistant starches are our Metabolism friends. They pass right through undigested to feed our gut bacteria.

Avoid alcoholic overripped bananas

a word of caution when it comes to sweet banana – it’s best to avoid very overripe ones, particularly if weight loss is your goal.

Now you may be wondering, what could possibly be wrong with an über soft, sweet banana? Well, turns out that as they ripen, the sugars start to ferment, essentially creating tiny amounts of ethanol, aka drinking alcohol.

While it would take an extremely rare case to cause any serious health issues, what’s more concerning is that alcohol is nothing but empty calories. Gram for gram it packs on more pounds than sugar or fat alone. So leave eat those bananas before they get to the overripe stage wherever possible.


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

Let’s talk nuts – specifically walnuts and almonds. Not only do they satisfy cravings thanks to their crunchy moorish texture, but just a small handful packs in valuable omega-3 fats.

These fatty acids don’t just make for gorgeous skin and hair. They also support brain, heart and overall immunity. 

This makes nuts (the right kind) a very healthy protein snacks for weight loss!

Now when choosing nuts, there’s one thing I do watch out for – added salt. A lot of companies like to sneak sodium into nut butters and roasted nuts as a way to boost flavor. But extra salt isn’t doing us any favors in terms of health or the number on the scale.

That’s why I keep things simple – just plain roasted or raw nuts for me. No need to mask that natural nutty taste. Plus it helps me meet my daily omega and fat quotas without any unwanted additives. Small tweaks like this really do make a difference long term.


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

One of my go-to snacks has to be hummus. Admittedly, I steered clear of dips since most store-bought varieties are majorly overdone on the sugar, salt, and fat.

So these days, I make sure to whip up my own fresh batches using wholesome whole foods. The base is always chickpeas or beans to start, along with healthy add-ins like onion, garlic, paprika and just a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

For an extra boost of creaminess and nutrients, I’ll also stir in either roasted sesame seeds or my favorite – tahini paste. It adds rich flavor and minerals galore. And don’t even get me started on roasted garlic – the perfect complement if you ask me.

Homemade means I control exactly what goes into each dip. No mystery chemicals, just real wholesome ingredients with nourishing benefits


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

You may be familiar with using vinegar to dress salads, but did you know it can actually give your calorie burn a boost all on its own?

Vinegars contain acetic acid which activates an important enzyme called AMPK. This enzyme has a similar effect on the body as physical activity – it raises metabolism to help break down excess abdominal fat.

What’s really fascinating is studies show regularly sipping vinegar can help people lose weight and visceral belly fat over time. And we all know that central weight is the toughest but most important spot to trim.

So these days I like to add a splash or two of ACV to water daily. The flavor takes some getting used to for sure, but it’s a small price to pay for extra calorie burning around the middle.


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

Next time you munch an apple do me a favor – don’t peel it! That sweet skin has some beneficial properties we don’t want to miss out on.

For one, the skin is loaded with polyphenols. These compounds actually slow down how quickly your body breaks down the natural sugars within the apple.

Plus all that fiber packed within the skin feeds the good gut bugs living inside us. They use it to make compounds like butyrate, which nourish the cells lining our colon. And you know what that means…yep, easier poopin’!

Getting waste out regularly not only lightens your load literally, it also helps remove excess cholesterol and fat absorption over time. Small differences like this can really slim our waists.


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

One of my favorite DIY snack hacks – baked garbanzo beans (or chickpeas). Now I know what you’re thinking…another can of stodgy beans? Nope, not this time.

While canned garbanzo beans are handy, they’re often packed with added sodium. That’s why I start with plain garbanzo beans rinsed clean of any briny liquid. Then it’s a quick pat dry before the magic happens.

Just a teaspoon of olive oil adds creamy moisture. Then I blend up a super simple yet richly flavored spice mix of equal parts onion, paprika, turmeric, cayenne and cumin. Only a couple teaspoons is all it takes to transform.

Next, I spread the coated garbanzo beans onto a baking sheet for a quick 20 minutes in the oven. Trick is keeping the temp below 375° so the healthy fats in the olive oil don’t smoke.

The end result? Crisp-coated nibbles that satisfy salty cravings without the sodium. Plus tons of fiber, protein and antioxidants from those tasty turmeric and spices.

Try this next time, I’ll I’m sure this will become one of your go-to snacks to eat for weight loss


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

Blueberries may be small, but they pack a mighty punch nutritionally.

For starters, blueberries are super hydrating thanks to their high water content. But that’s not all – did you know one cup has a whopping 4 grams of filling fiber too? 

They are also very high in vitamin C, which plays a role in steady weight control. Unfortunately frozen berries (which are cheaper) lose a bit of their vitamin C pop compared to fresh. But fresh blueberries are definitely worth treating yourself to for immunity and waistline benefits.

So whether you opt for frozen or fresh, work these amazing antioxidant all-stars into salads, yogurt or just by the handful. Their fiber and nutrients means they’ll satisfy sweet cravings without taxing your calories budget.

Pickled Veggies

10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

Need some crunch but without the calories of crisps? Then you need to find yourself some pickled veggies. Pickles and other fermented veggies like sauerkraut are loaded with probiotics from the pickling or fermenting process. These good-for-gut bacteria have been shown to rev up digestion and calorie burn.

Plus they’e super low cal for a big crunchy serving. I like to keep different varieties of pickles like jalapenos, cauliflower or my faves – classic cucumbers on hand. A few spears pack in vitamins and provide that satisfying sour crunch that speeds up saliva production too.

So next time you need a snack filled with spicy benefits, reach for the pickles. Their probiotic punch will have things moving while barely putting a dent in your daily calorie budge


10 Best Snacks To Help You Lose Weight (& Rev Up Your Metabolism)

Celery is 90% water, which means it’s very hydrating but also low in calories. This makes it one of the best snacks to help you lose weight. A few stalks will fill you up without busting your daily calories budget. Plus all that crunchy texture is incredibly satisfying.

But celery’s benefits don’t stop there. It’s also packed with valuable antioxidants and compounds that can help normalize blood pressure over time. Not to mention it’s a great prebiotic to feed the good gut bugs living inside us.

Just try some fresh celery with a tasty dip like hummus. The flavor might surprise you! I love keeping cut up bags in the fridge for any time the hunger pangs come.


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