How to debloat fast after eating

How To Debloat Fast After Eating (1 Hour Natural Fixes)

Feeling uncomfortably full after a meal? It happens to the best of us. If you’re looking for straightforward ways to debloat fast after eating, you’re in the right place.

Whether it was a big holiday dinner or casual weekend feast, too much food can leave you feeling bloated and just blah. But there are some simple strategies you may not have tried yet that can quickly relieve that overly full feeling.

Curious what easy tricks the experts relie on? Keep reading to discover how to debloat fast after eating, so you feel comfortable again. No gimmicks – just solutions that get results without hassle.

Foods that cause bloating and gas (The Worse Culprits)

how to debloat after eating

It will probably come as no surprise that some of our guilty pleasures are major bloaters. Here are the top 5

Potato Chips – Registered dietician Alissa Rumsey says sodium-loaded snacks like chips are a big culprit since they signal your kidneys to hold onto water.

Takeout Foods – Greasy takeout is another gut-grower – Rumsey warns that fried rice and slices of za pile on the sodium, sugar and fat. All that starch and sucrose bind water like a sponge, not to mention fatty burgers linger in your tummy way longer than salad.

Sugar Free Food – Even sugar-free treats aren’t innocent. Rumsey explains sneaky sugar alcohols feed gut bacteria, triggering gas.

Fizzy drinks – These contain carbon dioxide that gets trapped as gas bubbles in your stomach, causing uncomfortable fullness and bloating, and the refined sugar in sodas signals your body to retain excess water.

Legumes – And the number one food that causes bloating? Beans! This is because they contain complex sugars called oligosaccharides that are not fully digestible by some people’s digestive systems. This leads to gas and discomfort as undigested fibers reach the colon

No one is saying to stop eating these foods as some – such as beans are quite good for you. Just be aware of the triggers, and moderate your intake. You can also try our natural remedies for bloating.

Warm Water To Debloat

The #1 tip to debloat fast after a bloated meal? Have a cup of warm water – I know it sounds too simple, but this works wonders. Warm H2O allows your digestion to kick into high gear, helping break down foods and reducing that super uncomfortable full feeling we all hate.

Something about the temperature signals your gut it’s time to get pumping and pushing that meal through. After polishing off a carby pizza or salty chips, just one cup of warm water can make a difference.

Give it a try next time that the bloat comes on – I promise you’ll be amazed by how much smoother your belly feels. It’s also a free and easy way to debloat without any messy cleanses or supplements.

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Ginger Tea

Want to debloat your stomach instantly after overdoing it at dinner? Reach for a warm cup of ginger tea. Ginger contains gingerols and shogaols, two potent compounds known to relax intestinal muscles and reduce gas.

Gingerol signals a decrease in prostaglandins, substances that cause pain and inflammation in the gut. With lower prostaglandin levels, digestion isn’t hampered and food moves smoothly through your system.

Just brew up a tea bag and enjoy the earthy-spice flavor. You’ll feel relief within an hour as ginger eases discomfort.

Take A 15-20 Minute Walk To Ease Bloating

how to debloat fast after eating

Got that bloated and uncomfortable after eating? One of the best things you can do is grab your sneakers and go for a little walk. I know, being stuffed is the last thing you feel like doing. But research shows that some light exercise right after dining will do wonders for your belly.

Walking gets your digestive juices flowing and encourages movement in your GI tract. This helps push food through quicker so it’s not just sitting there, causing gas and puffiness.

Even just 15-20 minutes is enough to make a difference. You’ll see your tummy flattening out as you stroll. Plus being active will distract you from focusing on your food baby.

Peppermint Makes The Bloat Go Down

If you suffer a lot from bloating, then make sure you always have some peppermint tea at hand.  Peppermint contains menthol, it’s this compound that prompts the gastrointestinal tract into moving food and gas along more smoothly.

The minty compounds even trigger your swallowing reflex, tricking your gut into thinking it’s digesting something. This means that even from the first sip, you should feel instant relief from bloating as peppermint kicks into action.

It also has the added bonus of  calming down inflammation. No wonder it’s been nicknamed “the digestive’s friend” – just one mug is all you need to feel comfortable again.

Fennel Seeds For A Flatter Tummy

When nothing else seems to soothe your tummy, then go for some fennel seeds. These little crunchy morsels are seriously underrated for reducing bloating fast. Just swallow about 1/4 teaspoon of the seeds (with some water of course) and let them work their magic.

Fennel contains anethole, a compound that relieves intestinal cramping and spasms. It tricks your gut into relaxing out so food can pass through more quickly.

The seeds also have antispasmodic properties that calm irritation. Use these whenever the bloat hits, and prepare to be amazed at how flat your belly feels soon after!

Bottom Line

Knowing how to debloat fast after eating will save you hours of discomfort. However, if the suggested tweaks don’t help the puffiness, and that full feeling just keeps recurring, it may be time to check in with your health practitioner.

They can take a closer look to make sure nothing deeper is going on. Some conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn’s disease can cause long-term bloat battles. So just bear this in mind, and keep an eye on things.


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