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14 Unique Vicks VapoRub Uses – You Have To Try!

Vicks VapoRub is a total classic when it comes to over-the-counter meds. I mean, who doesn’t have a jar of the stuff stashed away in their medicine cabinet? It’s been around forever and works way differently than a lot of other remedies. These days it seems like everything comes in pill form, but not VapoRub. It uses vapors to kick coughs and congestion to the curb.

The key ingredients – camphor, eucalyptus oil, and menthol – are inhaled and open up your airways. VapoRub also works great as a topical analgesic for aches and pains.

But did you know Vicks has a ton of other handy uses? There are so many home remedies out there that call for this strong-smelling vapor rub. From mosquito repellant to removing splinters, people have come up with some clever Vicks VapoRub uses beyond clearing up chest colds. Now I’m curious to try some of these unconventional uses myself!

Natural Remedies with Vicks VaporRub

14 Unique Vicks VapoRub Uses - You Have To Try!

Vicks VapoRub has been around forever and it’s way more than just a chest rub. This multi-tasking medicine cabinet staple can be used to treat so many other ailments and problems around your home. Let’s dive into some of VapoRub’s secret superpowers and helpful uses, shall we?

1. Headaches

Headache bringing you down? Massage a dab of VapoRub onto your temples, forehead or the back of your neck to help relieve the pain. The menthol and camphor provide a cooling sensation that distracts from the headache pain.

They also have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce swelling that triggers headaches. If it’s a sinus headache, apply under the nose and inhale deeply so the vapors open up nasal passages.

For best results, use a circular motion to massage the VapoRub into the skin wherever the pain is centered. Apply a thin layer for 15-30 seconds of massage. The cooling relief should set in within a few minutes, allowing you to get back to your day headache-free.

2. Muscle Aches

After a tough workout you’re feeling the burn in those sore muscles. Massage some VapoRub into the achy spots using long, firm strokes along the length of the muscles. Then wrap the areas with a warm towel or heating pad.

The warmth helps the ointment penetrate deep into tissues to release tension. The menthol provides a cooling sensation to dull the pain, while the eucalyptus oil and camphor reduce inflammation in the muscles.

For best results, apply a thick layer of VapoRub over muscles before and after exercise. Use circular motions to massage it in for 30 seconds over each sore spot. Wrap the areas and relax for 15-20 minutes to allow the medicated vapors to work their magic. Ahh, sweet relief!

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3. Soothe Earaches

Earaches are no fun, especially when trying to sleep. Place a small dab of VapoRub onto a cotton ball. Carefully insert the cotton into the outer ear canal opening (not deep inside). This will allow the menthol vapors to gently soothe inflammation and pain. The cooling sensation helps distract from the discomfort so you can rest easier.

Since earaches can be a symptom of infection, it’s best to also consult your doctor for medication. But this home remedy using VapoRub’s natural medicinal ingredients can provide great relief alongside doctor-prescribed treatment plans. For optimal results, apply to a clean ear right before bed and leave the cotton ball in overnight so the vapors keep working.

4. For Toenail Fungus

Vicks vapo rub on feet? Sounds strange, but if that stubborn toenail fungus is putting up a fight, then this is what you need. Apply a generous layer of VapoRub onto clean, dry toenails 2-3 times per day. Make sure to get under the tip and along the sides of the nails too. This allows the antifungal camphor and eucalyptus oil to penetrate the layers and attack the infection.

Leave it on for a few minutes before putting socks on to hold in the vapors. In several weeks of routine application, the fungus will clear up and healthy, fungus-free nails will return! The thick texture adheres well to nails and keeps working even after you rinse it off.

5. Cracked Heels

Slather a thick layer of VapoRub onto those cracked heels and calluses before bedtime, especially on extra dry areas. Put on a pair of cozy socks so the ointment can penetrate deeply overnight. The petrolatum provides a protective barrier of moisture while the eucalyptus oil and camphor work to repair damage.

In the morning, rinse off the product and exfoliate with a pumice stone to reveal smooth summer-ready feet. The improved blood circulation from overnight will help whisk away dead skin. For best results, apply nightly to clean dry feet, wearing socks so the VapoRub keeps working its magic.

6. Keep Insects Away

Don’t let mosquitos and other pests bug you. Dab a bit of VapoRub onto pulse points on the skin and clothes to keep those pesky insects away. The strong menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor smell overwhelms insects’ receptors so they’re repelled.

Reapply every few hours for maximum effectiveness, especially when outdoors in bug-prone areas like grassy fields. The vapors dissipate over time, so freshen up the scent to maintain your protective bug barrier. A small dab on the back of your neck, wrists, and ankles goes a long way.

7. Keep Animals Away

Uh oh, looks like kitty has been sharpening her claws on the furniture again! Deter your furry friends from scratching with a light coat of VapoRub on chairs, sofas, curtains etc. The strong medicinal scent is unpleasant to cats’ sensitive noses, so they’ll avoid areas that smell like VapoRub.

Reapply weekly to maintain the smell that keeps cats away. Place a small dab onto a cloth then lightly wipe onto fabric surfaces. Avoid leather, suede, and similar delicate material that could stain. A little bit goes a long way to protect your belongings without harming pets in the process.

8. Cure Bruises And Minor Cuts

Heal up those minor boo-boos faster by putting a thin layer of VapoRub on bruises and small cuts. The menthol provides a cooling sensation to relieve pain and discomfort. The improved blood circulation speeds up the body’s natural healing process. And the petrolatum forms a protective barrier to prevent infection.

Don’t use on large open wounds, but applying to surface bruises, scrapes, and shallow cuts can help them heal up to twice as fast! Apply a small amount 1-2 times per day after cleaning the area. The bruise may fade or the cut may close up in as little as 3-5 days.

9. Remove Acne

Surprisingly, VapoRub’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties derived from eucalpytus oil, camphor, and menthol can help clear up pimples despite its oily texture. It penetrates pores while removing excess oil and bacteria. Plus it provides moisture to prevent dryness and scarring without clogging pores further.

Here’s how to use it: Clean the affected area then apply a thin layer of VapoRub onto pimples. Massage gently for 30 seconds to allow penetration into pores. Use twice daily for best results in reducing acne breakouts. The soothing vapors reduce redness and inflammation too.

10. Reduces Stretch Marks

No need for expensive creams – VapoRub’s natural oils and extracts can help fade stretch marks. The eucalyptus oil is anti-inflammatory to reduce the appearance. Menthol improves blood flow to repair damaged skin. And camphor stimulates collagen production to smooth marks. The petrolatum softens skin and locks in moisture.

Massage a small amount onto stretch marks for 1 minute, twice daily. Use circular motions to increase circulation and absorption of the active ingredients. They likely won’t disappear entirely but will look much lighter and less visible after a few weeks of routine use.

11. Moisturizer

The natural oils in VapoRub like petrolatum, cedar leaf oil, and turpentine provide excellent daily moisture for your skin. The oils soak in deeply to heal dryness and leave a protective barrier that locks in hydration.

Smooth a thin layer onto clean dry skin as part of your morning or nightly routine. Apply after washing or bathing when pores are open to absorb the moisturizing oils. It spreads easily and absorbs within minutes to restore supple, glowing skin.

12. For Chapped lips / Cracked lips

VapoRub brings blood flow to dry, cracked lips with its minty menthol tingle. This stimulates the exfoliation of dead chapped skin. The petrolatum, eucalyptus oil and camphor provide moisturizing protection against harsh weather too.

Dab a small amount onto lips as often as needed. The refreshing menthol instantly relieves pain and discomfort while the medicinal oils get to work repairing damage. It’s way better than commercial chapsticks or lip balms!

13. For Tennis Elbow

Massage VapoRub into a sore tennis elbow using circular motions focused on the outer bony part of the joint. Menthol provides an instant cooling sensation to dull the pain. Camphor and eucalyptus oil reduce inflammation in the joint and speed up healing in the damaged tendon tissue.

Apply whenever elbow pain flares up then again at night before bed to provide lasting relief as you sleep. The vapors penetrate deep to treat pain at the source overnight. In a few days, your elbow will stop hurting and have greater range of motion.

14. Calm Congestion And Cough

When you’re stuffed up with a chest cold or flu, simply rub VapoRub on your throat, chest, and upper back then cover up to let the medicinal vapors work their magic. Menthol opens up airways and makes breathing easier instantly. Eugenol, camphor, and eucalyptus relieve congestion in the lungs and sinuses. Plus the oil coating creates a warming sensation to soothe coughs.

Reapply 2-3 times per day to treat coughing fits and mucus buildup aggressively. The soothing relief gets to work fast so you can finally relax. Just be careful not to apply too much to children under 2 years old due to risks from camphor and menthol overdose. But otherwise it’s an effective home remedy for congestion and coughing.

There you have it – who knew VapoRub could be used for so much more than colds? Have you tried any of these handy home uses and remedies? I’m looking forward to giving some a whirl myself.

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