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26 Astonishing Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal That Work

Is that bottle of castor oil still hiding at the back of your bathroom cabinet? Then you’re missing out. This multifunctional oil has been underused for far too long, yet it is capable of much more than just alleviating constipation. Castor oil is a natural cure-all for so many things, from beauty to wellness and everything in between.

So let’s shake off the dust and take a fresh look at castor oil, shall we? Here we show you 26 castor oil uses topical and internal that really work.

Exploring Castor Oil: What Is It and Its Uses

Castor oil has been used therapeutically for centuries, valued in ancient Egypt, China, Persia, Africa, Greece, Rome, and India for its purported healing properties. This natural oil comes from pressing the seeds of the castor plant (Ricinus communis), a flowering species native to tropical regions of Africa and Asia.

The use of castor seeds and oil dates back to ancient Egypt over 4,000 years ago. Castor oil was referenced in the famous Ebers Papyrus, one of the oldest preserved medical documents from ancient Egypt. Over the centuries, traditional practices in Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine utilized castor oil for digestive ailments, skin conditions, and more.

Today, this thick, pale yellow liquid is still treasured for its unique composition. Castor oil contains a high concentration of ricinoleic acid, a fatty acid that gives the oil its distinguishing properties.

While historically used as a laxative for constipation relief, castor oil is now recognized for far broader benefits. From skincare to hair growth and pain relief, castor oil’s versatility has led to it being used holistically and cosmetically worldwide. Its moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties make castor oil a staple in natural beauty and health remedies.

1. Headache For Migraine Relief

Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal

With its anti-inflammatory, blood circulation, and muscle relaxant properties, castor oil can provide much-needed relief for those suffering from headaches and migraines.

Massaging the oil onto your forehead can help soothe tension and promote relaxation. This makes it a really great natural alternative to over-the-counter pain relievers.

2. Wart Removal

Noticed a new wart? Thankfully, castor oil is here to kick them out. Just dab this right on the problem area, massage it in, and cover it with a bandage overnight. Rinse and repeat each day, and castor oil will start ejecting those unwanted guests, shrinking warts down to nothing.

3. Castor Oil For Nails

26 Astonishing Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal That Work

Massaging this nourishing elixir into your cuticles gives them the moisture they’re craving. Hangnails and painful peeling will be banished as castor oil’s antimicrobial power protects your nails from infection.

This is all down to castor oil’s hydrating combination of fatty acids and antioxidants.

4. Ear Wax Removal

Tired of cotton swabs just pushing ear wax further into your ears? Try castor oil, a simple home remedy that gently softens and removes buildup.

Just warm up a small amount of this liquid gold to a comfortable temperature. Tilt your head and let a few drops of the oil gently slide into your ear. Give it a few minutes to work its magic, softening and breaking down that sticky ear wax. Then tilt your head back as the excess drains out, catching any drips with a soft cloth.

Flush out the softened gunk by squirting warm water into your ear with a bulb syringe. The wax slides right out, dispatched by the powerful castor oil. No more muffled hearing or having to jam a cotton swab into your ear canal.

5. Beard Oil

Castor oil delivers major hydration for dry, itchy beards. This rich elixir deeply moisturizes with its excellent hydrating properties. Massage it into your beard regularly, and kiss dryness and itchiness goodbye. Castor oil prevents the irritation that can plague lush beards. Plus, it’s believed to encourage hair growth, so your beard will grow in thicker and fuller.

6. Soothe Mouth Sores

benefits of castor oil pack on abdomen

Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil can speed up healing for all kinds of mouth irritations. Just paint a little castor oil onto the sore spots and let it work its wonders for a few minutes before rinsing.

Applying this soothing remedy several times a day helps dial down inflammation and kickstart the healing process. Kiss those annoying canker sores goodbye with the comforting care of castor oil. Its germ-fighting and swelling-reducing abilities help mouth sores disappear fast.

7. Eliminate Corns and Calluses

There will be no more rough, rigid corns and calluses with castor oil’s moisturizing might. Thanks to its concentrated fatty acids, massaging this soothing oil into feet softens and smooths skin.

First, soak feet in warm water to open pores and prime them for treatment. Pat dry, and generously slather calluses and corns with castor oil, massaging in gently. Cover with socks overnight so castor oil can deeply hydrate. In the morning, rinse away to reveal revived skin. Then buff away peeled skin with a pumice stone or foot file.

8. Hemorrhoid Treatment

To treat, just soak a cotton ball with this soothing liquid gold and gently apply to the area. Let the castor oil do its thing for 15 minutes or more to shrink swollen hemorrhoids and calm pain and itchiness. Repeat as needed.

9. Getting Rid of Stretch Marks

castor oil good for skin

Castor oil’s moisturizing and nourishing qualities can help minimize the appearance of stretch marks over time. With regular application to affected areas, it improves skin texture and elasticity where marks occur. Castor oil’s skin-replenishing fatty acids and vitamin E help reduce the look of these blemishes.

While it may not erase stretch marks completely, castor oil can diminish their appearance through its skin-rejuvenating properties. Consider castor oil part of your stretch mark exit strategy. Along with patience, it can help fade stretch marks caused by weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

10. Eliminating Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Benefits of applying castor oil on face are numerous. One of the reasons why this is so good for our skin is it’s antibacterial properties that help reduce inflammation. Along with that, the high content of ricinoleic acid content can help smoothing out wrinkles.

Massage this antioxidant-rich oil into wrinkle-prone areas and watch your skin rewind time. Castor oil’s fatty acids impart deep hydration that plumps up the skin and makes lines less noticeable.

11. Growth Castor Oil Good For Hair Growth

Want to experience some of the castor oil in hair benefits? Then start by massaging castor oil into your scalp, this boosts circulation, awakening follicles to spur new growth. The oil’s ricinoleic acid nourishes follicles for healthier hair from root to tip.

With castor oil’s botanical power combined with scalp TLC, your hair can reach its full potential in thickness, strength, and shine.

12. Castor oil for Constipation

26 Astonishing Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal That Work
Castor oil to poop?

Castor oil isn’t just for beauty – this versatile oil can also spur that sluggish bowel to move. Taken orally and sparingly, castor oil’s laxative powers promote bowel movements to relieve constipation.

Oral Use: Start with a small dosage, such as 1 to 2 teaspoons (5 to 10 mL), taken orally. You can mix the castor oil with a small amount of juice or water to mask the taste. It’s important not to exceed this initial dosage.

13. Castor Oil Benefits for Eyelashes

Wish your lashes were fuller and more fabulous. Grab that castor oil for a do-it-yourself lash boost. Painting this nourishing oil along the lash line feeds hair follicles for healthier growth.

Castor oil’s ricinoleic acid encourages thicker, more robust lashes over time. Just dip a clean mascara wand or cotton swab into the oil for precise application – no need to risk getting it in your eyes.

14. Castor Oil Benefits – Liver

Some traditional wellness practices believe castor oil’s purported cleansing properties give the liver an extra boost. Though scientific evidence is limited, castor oil packs applied topically are touted to support the liver’s natural abilities to flush out toxins.

To create a castor oil pack for the liver, saturate an organic cotton or wool flannel cloth with high-quality castor oil and place it over the right side of the abdomen, where the liver is located. Cover the cloth with plastic wrap, apply a heating pad or hot water bottle, and relax for 30 to 60 minutes.

15. Castor Oil Benefits for Breast

26 Astonishing Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal That Work

Some women find that castor oil offers soothing comfort for breast health. To tap into its potential benefits, simply soak a clean cloth in castor oil and place it over the breasts for about 30-60 minutes.

The warmth and botanical castor oil properties may help improve lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling or tenderness. While solid science on castor oil for breasts is lacking, many report relief from monthly discomfort when using this traditional approach.

16. castor oil benefits for eyes

Castor oil may lend a helping hand for dry, irritated eyes. Thanks to its thick, lubricating texture, this botanical oil can effectively coat the eyes, shielding them from discomfort.

To tap into its soothing powers, use a sterile dropper to gently apply a tiny amount of castor oil to the eyes before bedtime. It may provide soothing moisture while you sleep. But before trying any new eye remedy, see your optometrist or ophthalmologist, especially if symptoms persist.

17. Castor Oil for Back Pain

For those plagued by back pain, castor oil packs may offer natural relief. To use this traditional remedy, simply soak a cloth in castor oil and apply it to the problem area. Then place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the pack and relax for 30-60 minutes as the warmth helps soothe tight, achy muscles.

Many report decreased back pain after using castor oil packs, though scientific studies are lacking. Still, used alongside proper medical care, castor oil may provide complementary comfort when back pain flares up

18. Castor Oil for Dark Circles

26 Astonishing Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal That Work

Tired of those telltale dark circles making you look drained? Perk up your under eye area with castor oil’s hydrating properties. Gently massaging this nourishing oil around the eyes helps relieve dryness and revitalize the thin skin where dark circles form. Boosted circulation also fades discoloration over time.

19. Castor Oil for Knee Pain

Achy knees got you down? Soak a towel in castor oil, place it over sore knees, and apply a heating pad on top. The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties combined with comforting warmth can temporarily alleviate swollen, stiff joints.

20. Castor Oil Benefits for Nasal Polyps

Got an unwanted guest hanging out in your nasal passages? Nasal polyps – those blob-like growths in the nose – can be annoying and uncomfortable. While science hasn’t confirmed castor oil as a cure, some folks have found dripping this soothing botanical oil into nostrils helps temporarily shrink nasal polyps and open up breathing.

Castor oil’s anti-inflammatory powers may calm swelling and provide relief when nasal polyps act up. But don’t go cramming oil up your nose just yet – check with an ENT doctor first! That being said, a few drops of castor oil may help clear the air when nasal polyps make it hard to breathe.

21. Dandruff: A Natural Scalp Remedy

castor oil properties
Caster oil is good for hair and dandruff

Castor oil benefits for scalp is mainly due to its antimicrobial abilities. Massaging castor oil into the scalp provides a one-two punch against dandruff triggers – hydrating dryness and fighting fungal growth.

Leaving it on for hours or overnight allows castor oil’s ricinoleic acid to work its anti-dandruff magic. Regular scalp massages with castor oil help restore balance, taming itchiness and flakes.

22. Castor Oil Packs for Ovarian Cysts: A Holistic Approach

Castor oil packs present a holistic way to find comfort from ovarian cysts. These fluid-filled sacs on the ovaries can cause pelvic pain and pressure.

Placing a cloth soaked in castor oil on the lower abdomen may offer relief by decreasing inflammation, boosting circulation, and promoting detoxification.

To make a castor oil pack: saturate a towel with castor oil, lay it on your belly, cover it with plastic wrap, and add a heating pad or hot water bottle. The heat helps the oil work its soothing magic.

Science hasn’t confirmed castor oil packs’ effects on ovarian cysts. But many report gaining relief from this do-it-yourself approach when cysts act up.

23. Using Castor Oil for Scar Tissue: A Natural Approach

Castor oil’s moisturizing emollients present a natural option to improve the appearance of scar tissue. Massaging this nourishing oil into scars may help soften and rejuvenate skin over time. Castor oil’s fatty acids and antioxidants aid skin renewal, potentially reducing scars’ visibility.

While research is limited, many report softer, smoother scars after consistent castor oil application. To use: gently massage a small amount of castor oil into the scarred area. With regular use and patience, castor oil can diminish scars’ texture and color.

24. Exploring Castor Oil for Bone Spurs: An Alternative Perspective

Bone spurs causing discomfort? Castor oil packs present a complementary approach to find relief. These bony projections on joint edges can be painful. Applying castor oil-soaked towels may lessen irritation thanks to the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties and circulation-boosting abilities.

Science has yet to confirm castor oil packs’ effects on bone spurs. But many holistic practitioners recommend this home remedy alongside medical care to soothe aches from bone spur flare-ups.

25. Removing Skin Tags with Castor Oil: A Gentle Option

26 Astonishing Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal That Work

Castor oil presents a gentle, non-invasive option to remove unwanted skin tags. Applying castor oil may soften and shrink skin tags over time thanks to its skin-soothing emollients. Though research is lacking, many report skin tags gradually disappearing after regular castor oil use.

Yet it’s wise to see a dermatologist before attempting removal – they can advise the safest approach. While castor oil likely won’t dissolve skin tags overnight, its soothing touch may loosen them gradually and naturally.

26. Exploring Castor Oil for Varicose Veins: A Holistic Approach

Looking to find relief from varicose veins? Castor oil massages may help soothe discomfort and improve circulation holistically. Though scientific evidence is minimal, castor oil’s anti-inflammatory properties may temporarily reduce swelling and pain.

Consider castor oil massage a complementary remedy that, when combined with proper care, may provide soothing comfort when varicose veins act up. Always consult your doctor before applying new therapies.

Bottom line Castor Oil Uses Topical & Internal

With thousands of years of traditional use worldwide, castor oil remains a popular natural remedy thanks to its unique chemical composition. This versatile plant-based oil has proven itself a staple in holistic health and cosmetic applications ranging from skincare to hair growth solutions.

When used properly castor oil uses topical and internal emollient, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. This means it excels as part of natural beauty, skin, and pain relief regimens.

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