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5 Common Breakfast Mistakes That Stop Weight Loss

You know, breakfast is such an important meal that it really pays to get it right. But sometimes even the littlest things can trip us up without us realizing it. Ever been cruising along with your weight loss and then hit a stubborn plateau out of nowhere?

Chances are one of those sneaky “common breakfast mistakes” may be to blame. So what we need to do is shine a light on some of the more common offenders.

So let’s go through a few of those mistakes together. By the end, you’ll be armed with all the insider scoop to make sure your morning meal is truly working for, not against you.

Why is breakfast important for weight loss?

It’s fair to say that, in general, breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day…

But over the years, as diets have evolved and changed, this isn’t necessarily the case for everyone. However, the fact remains that a whole lot of people start their day with breakfast. It provides energy and mental alertness that helps start the day well and essentially helps to break – the – fast between night and morning in a way that eases us into our day.


That being said, a great deal of dieters focused on fat loss, such as those into intermittent fasting, would strongly disagree with the notion that a traditional breakfast comes at the start of the day. They’re happy to break the fast but not until way later in the day.

So when it comes to breakfast, everyone really does have it their way. If your way is more traditional, then knowing these common mistakes will have you on the right fitness path from the get-go.

Oh, and just as an FYI, I have included some healthy breakfast ideas below.

1. Extra creamer and sugar in your coffee

It’s true a little caffeine is just what the doctor ordered to kick your day off. But all that extra sugar and cream will have your energy spiking and crashing in no time. Not to mention it adds up fast calorie-wise. Before you know it, you’ve blown your breakfast budget.

We all know that isn’t sustainable if weight loss is your goal. You’ll be riding that sugar rollercoaster all morning long.


Do this instead: Black coffee may sound as appealing as chugging soapy water right now. But give it some time. I promise you, black coffee will grow on you. You’ll appreciate the clean energy way more without all the excess stuff weighing you down.

If taking it black still isn’t your thing, then try scaling back the sugar and cream. Even switching to a lower calorie creamer is a step in the right direction.

2. Not Getting Enough Fiber

You know how important fiber is for your health, right? It’s so good for digestion and keeping your blood sugar steady. But it’s shocking how many people don’t get enough, even if they think they’re eating well. Most adults should aim for 25-38g per day.

Not getting enough fiber at breakfast is a serious issue for many people

Getting fiber at breakfast is key – it’ll keep you full all the way till lunch! And it slows how fast carbs turn into sugar in your bloodstream. No more crashes after that morning toast.

Do this instead: I know fiber isn’t the most exciting thing to think about first thing in the morning. But try sprinkling some chia seeds or ground flax into your yogurt or oats. Or go for a piece of fruit like an apple or some veggies. It’ll help you feel satisfied all morning long.

3. Forgetting hydration

Unless you’ve been sleep drinking, chances are that you woke up dehydrated. It doesn’t even matter if you’re not really thirsty, trust me, you need that water. The body is made up of 60 percent water, and dehydration impacts vastly on physical and cognitive performance.

5 Common Breakfast Mistakes That Stop Weight Loss

Do this instead: Start the day with 8-12 ounces of water the moment you wake up. And when I say the moment, I mean even before you brush your teeth. This is particularly essential when exercising first thing in the morning, as even a little dehydration can create increased fatigue; it also elevates the risk of injuries.

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4. Falling prey to “Healthy” breakfast marketing gimmicks

We’ve all been told that some store-bought “healthy” breakfast cereals are a good choice, but are they really? When I think about it, how did pouring crunchy little bits of processed “food” into a box with milk become the normal way to eat breakfast?

Does anyone actually enjoy the texture and flavors of cardboard dust with artificially-colored sugar water for breakfast? Or have we just gotten so used to convenience that we’ve forgotten what real food tastes like?

5 Common Breakfast Mistakes That Stop Weight Loss

I’ll tell you, those highly-processed breakfast cereal options are PACKED with junk your body doesn’t need – chemical preservatives, refined carbs, sugars, bad fats. Is it any surprise so many people feel tired and sluggish in the mornings?

Do this instead: Your body wants nutrients from whole, minimally-processed foods to really fuel your day, not a bunch of empty calories disguised as “healthy.” Why settle for dull and dreary when you could feel energized and satisfied?

It may take a few extra minutes, but preparing a real, wholesome breakfast like eggs, oats or yogurt is so worth it for your long-term health and happiness. Trust me friends, switching back to real food is the way to go. Let’s leave the processed junk in the aisles where it belongs!

5. Drinking copious amounts of fruit juice for breakfast

There’s been a lot of buzz around juicing, especially in the health and fitness world. Juicing is great for upping your vitamin and vegetable intake, but it’s not really a great breakfast on its own.

healthy breakfast tips
Sugary juices are not the best choice at breakfast

One of the main components that gets the digestion working is fiber, something juices are lacking. So come eleven am, chances are, you’ll be flagging and ravenous to boot. If you want to juice, couple it with protein and a high-fiber carbohydrate option.

Do this instead: Incorporate juice with protein and a high-fiber carbohydrate option into your morning routine.

Bonus – Eating Breakfast On The Go

Between early mornings and crazy schedules, it can be so easy to just inhale your food.

But as much as we want to power through our meals, our bodies really need us to slow our roll. Proper chewing is so important for breaking down your food and helping digestion do its thang.

Without chewing enough, all those undigested particles can wreak havoc on your gut. Next thing you know – bloating, gas, the runs, you name it.


Plus, taking that extra time to chew gives your brain the all-clear that you’re full.

Do this instead: I know it’s tough when minutes feel precious, but carving out just a few more moments could seriously improve your health. You’ll feel so much better with minimal tummy troubles too.

Our bodies are clever, but they need our help. Let’s give digestion a fighting chance.

Bottom Line – Common Breakfast Mistakes

If you’re looking to feel more energized and vibrant every day, it’s important to avoid those sneaky common breakfast mistakes that might be dragging you down.

Give your body the gift of a nutritious morning meal for at least a month. Really focus on mindfully enjoying every bite, not rushing through it. Take the time to properly chew and savor your food.

I promise you’ll start to reap the rewards quickly as your new breakfast routine becomes a habit. Your mind and body will thank you in so many ways – more stable energy levels, less bloating or mood swings, and maybe even some pounds melting away.

It may feel different at first, but stick with it. Before you know it, you won’t even miss those old “mistakes” that were sabotaging your wellbeing. Making breakfast work for you instead of against you.


  • Dee King

    Dee King knows that the journey to wellness often begins within. After overcoming her own weight issues, Dee became a fitness and nutrition specialist to help others discover what works for them. She believes wellness is about finding harmony and self-compassion, not perfection. In her writing and workouts, Dee provides inspiration to stay strong, especially when you want to give up.

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