Weight Loss Journey - Leti's Story

Weight Loss Journey – Leti’s Story

Hello everyone, I’m Leti. I believe the time to share something that changed my life, something that’s always been a significant part of me and my personality. I’m talking about my weight loss journey or, well, my relationship with weight in general. I’ll start from the beginning and share up to where I am today.

I know this is a somewhat controversial topic for some, but I want to share my experience, opinions, how I’ve lived through it, and how I continue to live with it. I don’t intend to generalize or make anyone feel bad, and I definitely don’t want to diminish others’ experiences. I’m simply here to share how it has affected me, how I’ve experienced it, and where I stand today.

Childhood Body Perception vs. Reality

Weight Loss Journey - Leti's Story

Throughout my life, I’ve had a couple of growth spurts. One was when I was very young, around 7 years old. I was already the tallest in my class at that age.

Then, when I reached high school at the age of 12, I had another growth spurt. My weight was balanced during these times, and I wasn’t overweight at all. However, my self-perception didn’t match the reality due to societal standards.

During my teenage years, I compared myself to others more intensely. When I looked at my friends and classmates, I didn’t feel like I had the same body as they did. These comparisons took a toll on my self-esteem. Looking back, I can’t understand why I saw myself that way. I had a completely normal body for my age, but societal pressures distorted my self-image.

Weight Gain in High School

weight loss journey

Fast forward to my high school years, particularly in my second year of “bachillerato” (equivalent to senior high school). I was going through a tough time personally, dealing with school and other issues. I lost motivation and even stopped participating in physical activities like aerobics and dance classes.

My lack of motivation extended to my personal life, leading to overeating due to anxiety. This resulted in me gaining a significant amount of weight.

Losing Weight Before Moving to Madrid

In July of 2018, after finishing my second year of “bachillerato,” I was about to start a new phase of my life in Madrid. My mother and cousin decided to see a nutritionist to improve their eating habits. They encouraged me to join them, and I decided to give it a try. The nutritionist created a weekly meal plan for me, focusing on balanced and healthy foods. I followed this plan diligently and started losing weight.

weight loss journey

Over the summer, I followed the plan strictly, even taking healthy meals to the beach while my friends brought different snacks. By the end of the summer, in just two and a half months, I had lost about 23 kilos (around 50 pounds). The weight loss was dramatic, and it changed my perspective on my body.

After moving to Madrid for university, my lifestyle changed. I wasn’t cooking my meals anymore, and my eating habits began to shift. I entered a cycle of unhealthy eating and periods of extreme restriction. I continued to maintain my weight for a while, but eventually, the stress and lifestyle changes caught up with me. I gained back some weight due to emotional eating and a sedentary lifestyle.

Current Relationship with Body Image and Weight

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Despite the ups and downs, I am now in a better place mentally. I’ve learned that my self-worth is not defined by my weight or appearance.

Society’s standards are ever-changing, and I am focusing on taking care of my body and mind for my overall well-being. I’m not striving for a specific body shape, but rather a healthy lifestyle that works for me.

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