Revealing The Top 10 No-Carb Foods Without Sugar

Crunchy cookies and sugary sodas aren’t just empty calories – they’re processed carbs and refined sugars that create inflammation throughout the body. And as any trainer worth their salt will tell you, sustained inflammation is enemy number one for health.

Over time, sugary high-carb foods can lead to liver inflammation which in turn increases fat storage. Long-term this internal irritation has also been linked to a whole host of unpleasant outcomes such as diabetes, weight gain, and even nerve damage.

But there is a way to balance blood-sugar and fight-fat without feeling deprived.  With some simple ingredient switches, you’ll optimize your insides and slim down without feeling deprived. 

So what nourishing options should be on your grocery list? Read on to find out the top 10 no-carb foods without sugar.

Red Meats (0g Carbs per 100g)

top 10 no-carb foods without sugar

For protein-dense, metabolism-boosting foods you’ll want on regular rotation, look no further than red meats. Beef, lamb, and organ varieties like liver pack serious nutrient density without a single carb in sight.

Specifically selecting grass-fed, pasture-raised sources is key though. Why? Their micronutrient makeup puts conventional cuts to shame. We’re talking supremely bioavailable iron for fortifying blood cells and B12 to fuel energetic muscles.

And let me tell you – after a long workout, nothing satisfies like a protein-packed steak salad! These animal products also help repair and rebuild lean tissue.

Butter (0.1g Carbs per 100g)

Revealing The Top 10 No-Carb Foods Without Sugar

While this yellow darling has gotten quite the bad rap in recent years, turns out butter is powerful nutrition in one tasty package. Pure butter is packed with retinol to nourish eyes, skin and hair like nothing else.

Believe it or not, butter’s much-villainized cholesterol is actually an essential player in hormone production and regulation. Our bodies need this nutrient to function at peak levels. Just be sure to seek out versions free of weird vegetable oils so you maximize benefits.

When enjoyed mindfully alongside low-GI complex carbs, butter is surprisingly satiating too. Something about those healthy fats just soothing satisfied hunger.

Avocados (0-4g carbs)

foods low in sugar and carbs
One of best foods for no carb no sugar diet

When it comes to snacks that won’t sink your healthy habits, look no further than avocados. These dense green gems contain monounsaturated fats shown to enhance hormone balance and fat metabolism.

Packed within the avocado flesh you’ll also find a hefty load of potassium to naturally replenish electrolytes. Magnesium co-stars too – both minerals vital for eliminating toxins your body battles daily.

Avocados also contain a special plant compound called avocatin B. Current research links this natural pigment to reducing inflammation and oxidative stress on our overworked systems.

Stevia (0-4g carbs per teaspoon)

foods with no carbs and no sugar

Making strides towards better health doesn’t always mean going cold turkey on the things we enjoy. Kicking the sweet tooth can be a challenge, no doubt about it. But there are options that can satisfy your sweet fix without sabotaging your nutrition goals.

Meet stevia, your new best friend in the kitchen. Derived from a leaf instead of sugarcane, stevia is beloved for its natural zero carb sugar.

You read that right – it provides all the sweetness with none of the sugar crash, carbs or calories. Some call it the “sugar leaf” since its taste rivals that golden sweet stuff without any of the drawbacks.

Whether you’re counting carbs, watching your weight, or managing your blood sugar, stevia takes the guilt out of sweetness.

As a non-nutritive sweetener, it won’t spike your insulin or leave you wanting more after an energy slump. Feel free to sweeten your tea, yogurt, or oatmeal to your heart’s content without blowing your macros.

Sauerkraut (0.1g Net Carbs per 1oz)

0 carb 0 sugar snacks

If you want a low-carb superfood that aids weight loss and whole-body wellness, then sauerkraut is a delicious secret weapon. Beyond traditional dinner plate potential, this bacteria-busting supports the gut in a major way.

Rich in beneficial Vitamin C and bonafide gut-loving microorganisms, just 1 oz of kraut supplies probiotic potency to aid digestion. The fermentation process creates uniquely bioavailable nutrients too

Studies show optimizing our inner ecosystem through probiotic foods like sauerkraut may assist metabolizing fat more efficiently over time. Its natural acidity also means easily digestible energy

Wild Salmon (0-0.1g Carbs per 3oz)

zero sugar low carb snacks

When hunting for proteins that nourish naturally without carbs, wild salmon reigns supreme. This oily fish is bursting with inflammation-crushing omega-3s shown to undo metabolic damage caused by diets high in sugar and processed carbs.

EPA and DHA work wonders reducing internal irritation linked to chronic diseases. These fatty heroes promote cardiovascular, cognitive and joint wellness from the inside out

Liquid aminos (0 carbs per 5 mil)

low carb no sugar snacks

Liquid aminos are naturally brewed condiments, much like soy sauce, except healthier. Made from fermented soybeans instead of wheat, it’s totally gluten-free, carb free and packed full of rich, meaty flavor.

Whether you’re stir-frying veggies, basting meats or noodles, or adding a splash to soups and salads, liquid aminos gives you that craveable umami flavor.

This seasoning is also packed with amino acids – the building blocks of muscle. Some claim liquid aminos can help strengthen and tone that lean physique when incorporated into a balanced diet. Even better, the fermentation process avoids gut-inflaming preservatives and gluten that can hamper progress.

While sodium counts are lower than soy sauce, it’s still important to keep portions in check. A little liquid aminos goes a long way. But unlike soy, you won’t have to compromise on taste or miss out on amino-boosting magic.

Eggs (0.7g Carbs per 3oz)

meals without carbs and sugar
Foods without carbohydrates and sugar

When searching for low-carb heroes, look no further than nourishing eggs. Pasture-raised varieties pack extra nutrients, providing compounds like choline and lecithin shown to aid liver fat conversion and weight loss over time.

What’s more, eggs boast high quality complete protein, amino acids and an array of vitamins/minerals.

Each contains a mere 0.6g carbs to fuel growth and repair cells. Digestible, nourishing protein paired with healthy fats leaves your belly satisfied for hours.

Kale (0g Carbs per 100g)

no sugar no carbs
Kale – one of the most vitamin packed top 10 no-carb foods without sugar.

This is one of nature’s most nutrient-dense supergreens. Kale packs more vitamin C than oranges, more calcium than milk and potassium that rival bananas – all for 0g carbs!

Regular eaters of kale can also enjoy antioxidants and phytonutrients that lower inflammation and balance blood sugar.

Whether steamed as a hearty side dish or blended into antioxidant-packed smoothies, kale can help boost immunity, improve ,digestion and give radiant skin.


food with no carbs and sugar

When scanning for low carb no sugar snacks, pecans take center stage at a mere 1g net carb per large ounce.

They are packed with valuable minerals zinc and copper, plus vitamin B1 and magnesium to fuel both brain and body. But most impressive, heart-healthy monounsaturated fats which satisfy substantially for hours on end. Reports show diminished desires for less nourishing processed bites post-pecan treat!

Work them regularly into your routine for smooth, steady energy, mental sharpness and robust wellness.

Top 10 No-Carb Foods Without Sugar – Bottom Line

Achieving better health means fueling your body with nutrients that nourish every cell, not crankiness from cravings.  Use This list of top 10 no-carb foods without sugar to avoid the pitfalls in your diet, or simply as a way to eat healthier every day.

By eating less simple carbs, not only will you enjoy a slimmer waistline, but avoid the body-wrecking inflammation that comes with it. 

If you would like to know more about low-carb diets, check out our post on Quick Start keto guide for beginners.


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