how do you do a salt water flush

How Do you Do A Salt Water Flush? Questions Answered.

Feeling a little backed up? A salt water flush may be just what you need to hit your digestive systems reset button.

Though it might seem a little “out there” , a salt water flush can be an effective cleanse the colon – when done properly. All you need to do is drink a concentrated salt water mix e on an empty stomach. This helps to trigger a wave of cleansing throughout your intestines.

If you’re thinking “Hmm, sounds intriguing but weird…exactly how do you do a salt water flush?” I’m here to explain the process in a simple, non-judgemental way.

This beginner’s guide to salt water flushing will cover everything all you need to know. From how to mix up the salty solution, to expect what to expect when you ddrink it.

Truth be told, a salt water flush is not fun. But it can provide quick relief when you’re feeling backed up and bloated. Curious to learn more? Keep reading to find out “How do you do a salt water flush?” and decide if trying one could be beneficial for you.

A salt water flush is a simple technique to cleanse your colon and digestive system. You basically drink a mixture of salt and water first thing in the morning to purge your system of waste and toxins.

Benefits of Salt Water Flush

Now that you know what a salt water flush involves, let’s look at why you’d want to do one. There are some great benefits that actually make it worth the unpleasantness!

Firstly, it relieves constipation really well. It cleanses your digestive tract by flushing out toxins and gunk that may have built up. This helps detox your body and gives your digestive system a reset. The salt water sweeps away nasty stuff lining your colon so it can’t get reabsorbed.

how do you do a salt water flush

The flush also rebalances your gut health. If you have issues like irregularity, gas, or heartburn, it can help get your digestion back on track by pressing the reset button. The contractions it stimulates help strengthen digestive function too.

Some people find it boosts energy levels as well, once all the waste is cleared out. Your body can focus its efforts on other tasks rather than digestion. Many also report mental clarity after a flush, along with clearer skin.

Now, it’s not meant for frequent use, but as an occasional deep cleanse, it has real benefits. Just be prepared for possible side effects like nausea, dizziness or diarrhea. Make sure you’re near a toilet!

Preparing for a Salt Water Flush

Alright, let’s look at what’s involved in prepping for this intestinal rollercoaster. It’s a simple process, but there are some important steps.

First, pick a day where you don’t have anything scheduled. Plan to stay near a toilet all morning! You’ll also want to avoid solid foods the day before, and only drink clear liquids like water, broths, or juice.

When ready, mix up your salt water solution. You’ll need:

  • 2-3 teaspoons of sea salt (not table salt)
  • 1 liter of warm filtered water (distilled is best)

Stir or shake until the salt fully dissolves. Set the timer for 2 minutes and drink the whole liter as fast as you can.

Next, lay down and try to hold the solution for at least 15-20 minutes. This gives it time to start flushing your colon. Expect to feel some gurgling and discomfort.

Stay near the bathroom! The flush will cause you to have several bowel movements over the next few hours. Keep sipping water or broth to stay hydrated as your system cleanses itself.

Some common side effects include:

  • Nausea, vomiting, dizziness
  • Abdominal cramps or bloating
  • Diarrhea or chills
  • Headaches

Don’t panic – these are temporary as your body purges itself. Afterwards, rest and rehydrate. Avoid solid foods for a few hours, then eat lightly to ease back into normal digestion.

The Salt Water Flush Process In 7 Steps

how often can you do a salt water flush

Let’s walk through what actually happens when you do a salt water flush. Understanding the process will help you know what to expect.

  1. After drinking the liter of salty solution first thing in the morning, the salt creates an osmotic effect in your digestive tract, pulling water into the intestines. This softens stool and stimulates contractions along the colon.
  2. Within 30 minutes, you’ll start to feel the solution take effect. Cramps and gurgles signal your colon is activating to push out its contents. At this point, stay near a toilet!
  3. You’ll likely pass clear yellow liquid initially as the salt water loosens things up. This prepares the way for the flush. Expect some nausea or dizziness as your body reacts.
  4. Soon, you’ll be making frequent bowel movements of loose and watery stool. This will likely continue for 2-4 hours. Your intestines are contracting rapidly now, sweeping waste along while the salt water breaks it down.
  5. Keep sipping water, broths or electrolyte drinks during this flush phase. Hydration is important to ease the process and replace lost fluids.
  6. Over time, you’ll pass darker stool as the built up waste comes out. When it’s mostly clear liquid again, your colon is likely emptied. The entire flush can last around 4-8 hours.
  7. Finally, the purge will complete, and bowel movements will taper off. You may feel chilled, nauseous and fatigued afterwards as your body stabilizes. This is normal.

Be sure to rehydrate and rest before eating anything. Gradually ease back into solid foods so your system can recover. Avoid vigorous activity as well.

Now you know how your body cleanses itself during a salt water flush! While intense, understand the process allows an effective detox and digestive reset.

Aftercare and Recovery

Congratulations – you made it through the salt water rapids! Your colon has been cleansed. Now it’s time to rest and recover.

First and foremost, continue to hydrate. Keep sipping clear fluids like water, herbal tea or broth. Your body has lost a lot of fluid so it’s vital to rehydrate. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as these can dehydrate you further.

Once your stomach settles, you can start to reintroduce light foods. Stick to easy-to-digest foods like soup, yogurt, fruits and vegetables. Avoid heavy foods with fat, spices or fiber for at least 24 hours. Let your digestive system recover.

Be sure to get plenty of rest. Your body just went through a major purge so don’t overexert yourself. Chill out and relax as you regain your strength. Expect to feel tired and drained.

You may experience cramping, bloating or diarrhea for another day or two as your colon continues to normalize. This residual discomfort should fade within 48 hours. If it persists, see your doctor.

Some find a soothing herbal tea, hot shower or abdominal massage helps during recovery. Use whatever relieves discomfort as your system stabilizes. Be good to yourself!

What to Expect Next

After 2-3 days, you should be back to normal bowel movements and energy levels as your digestive system rebalances. At this point, you can resume a normal diet. Just avoid trigger foods at first.

To extend the benefits, consider adjusting your diet to include more fiber, probiotics and antioxidants. This helps your gut stay healthy post-cleanse.

Overall, give your body time to bounce back. Follow these aftercare tips and you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time. Reward yourself for completing this intense yet rewarding detox!

Making the Most of Your Salt Water Flush

You made the bold decision to flush your system with salty water. Way to go! Let’s make sure you reap the full rewards from this intense cleanse.

First, listen to your body afterwards. If you’re feeling extremely fatigued, nauseous or dizzy, get more rest. Don’t force activity until you feel stronger. The flush was taxing, so recovery is key.

Once you’ve regained energy, use that clean slate to adopt better habits. Cut back on processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Fuel your body with whole, nutritious foods instead to optimize digestion.

Consider probiotic and antioxidant supplements as well. These will help repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria and neutralize toxins that could reaccumulate.

After Salt Water Flush…

Since your digestive system has been reset, you have a fresh start! Use it to develop regular bowel movements and stick to a consistent eating routine. Help your body adjust.

Now is also a great time to address underlying issues that caused constipation or indigestion in the first place. Whether it’s stress, lack of fiber or food intolerances, be proactive with prevention.

Most importantly, remember flushes provide temporary relief only. For lasting health, clean up your overall diet and lifestyle. Get enough exercise, reduce stress, drink plenty of water daily, and your colon will thank you.

Be proud of yourself for trying the flush and use it as a springboard for better gut health. Adopt sustainable nutrition, exercise and relaxation habits. Your body will reap the benefits.

With some adjustments, you can maintain the flush’s positive effects and feel energized, light and vibrant. Just be patient with yourself during recovery, and the discomfort will soon pay off!


How Often Can You Do A Salt Water Flush

Doing a salt water flush too frequently can definitely disrupt electrolyte balance and flush out good bacteria in the gut. Once a month is probably the maximum one would want to aim for. Even that may be a bit too often for some people.

Does Salt Water Flush Help Weight Loss?

As for whether a salt water flush helps with weight loss, it can temporarily help remove waste and water weight, but it won’t have a lasting impact on fat loss.
However, used wisely and in moderation, a salt water flush can support and optimize other lifestyle changes and healthy regimens for losing weight.

Is Salt Water Flush Safe

When done occasionally and correctly, a salt water flush is generally safe for most healthy adults. However, there are some important safety considerations to keep in mind.


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